Alumni Profile: Salma Abdelaziz

salma headshot

Salma Abdelaziz

May 2013

Master of Arts, Communication

As an Assignment Editor at CNN, Salma Abdelaziz once succumbed to the graduate life at Georgia State University. She graduated with her Master of Arts in Communication in May 2013, and today you can find her writing, editing, and gathering stories for the Middle East at CNN. She would like to admit that her graduate degree is one of the reasons she works for one of the world’s most prestigious media corporations.

“My graduate studies at GSU provided me with the critical thinking skills needed to be a tenacious journalist,” she said. “The program also afforded me the opportunity to analyze the media institution I work for and most importantly its approach towards ethical issues in reporting.”

Abdelaziz appreciated how all the professors treated graduate students like colleagues and always had their doors open for questions about class or just to chat. One professor who really made an impression on her was Dr. Shawn Powers. His dedication to his students and their specific career ambitions were inspiring. He helped Salma finish her master’s degree while she was working fulltime at CNN, and he always had a forgiving approach.

“Most importantly he took the time to understand my goals and continues to guide me toward them, even after I graduated,” said Abdelaziz.

The advice she would give to others interested or in the programs is to, “take interest in the work your professors are doing at GSU. Their research could provide you with a learning opportunity.”